West Chester's annual Infrastructure Program for maintenance includes work to roads, curbs, storm pipe and other related assets.

West Chester Community Services Department works collaboratively with the Butler County Engineer’s Office, Ohio Department of Transportation and Butler County Environmental Services to monitor the condition of the Township’s infrastructure. Making enhancements to support future opportunities for economic development, ensuring safe travel for residents and visitors, and preventing localized flooding are priorities.butler county engineer-01

By working collaboratively, West Chester achieves the greatest potential cost savings for the taxpayer.

In all cases, infrastructure work is impacted by weather conditions and equipment. West Chester works closely with the Engineer's Office and contractors to limit delays and inconvenience to residents, but some circumstances cannot be avoided.

Storm Pipe Replacement & Repair

In 2017, 25 sections of culvert pipe will be replaced or repaired at a cost of $279,514.88. This work begins in early spring and is completed by a private contractor hired by the Township.

Address of Work   Status
 7440 Amy Beth COMPLETE
 7768 Barrett COMPLETE
 7118 Barrett COMPLETE
 7613 Berry Hill COMPLETE
 4832 Brantford Ct.  COMPLETE
 8145 Candlelight Ter. COMPLETE
 8146 Candlelight Ter. COMPLETE
 8089 Clearbrook COMPLETE
 Dukes Dr. at Easton Ct. COMPLETE
 7799 Dukes Dr. COMPLETE
 7119 Elkwood COMPLETE
 7217 Elkwood    COMPLETE
 7240 Elkwood COMPLETE
 8295 Grinn COMPLETE
 8326 Grinn COMPLETE
 7542 Knights Knoll COMPLETE
 7581 Lakota Springs COMPLETE
 7636 Lakota Springs COMPLETE 
 8053 Lawrence COMPLETE 
 9030 Saxton COMPLETE 
 8355 Toddcreek Cir. COMPLETE 
 8375 Toddcreek Cir. COMPLETE 
 8070 Tollbridge Ct. COMPLETE
 7590 West Chester Rd. COMPLETE 
 7359 Whispering Way COMPLETE 


Paving Sat., Aug. 13 

Roads - Asphalt Pavement

West Chester will invest just more than $1.7 million from Township Roads Funds for asphalt repaving in 2017.  Each year, Township roads are inspected and ranked on condition. These rankings are considered alongside available budget, traffic counts and other factors to set the list of streets to be paved.

Milling of roads in preparation began in early July with little impact to motorists. As work is scheduled, Barrett Paving will post temporary "no parking" signs along the street and will place door hangers the evening prior to scheduled work. As schedules become available, they will be noted here and communicated by neighborhood through West Chester Township's Residents directly impacted by work will also receive notification through U.S. Mail with details of what to expect.

Aside from limited on-street parking on the day of work, residents may experience some delays. Motorists, however, are permitted to drive on asphalt as soon as the work is complete.


 Road  Scheduled Date
 Ambleside Dr. (Dimmick Rd. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Amy Beth Ct. (Zaring Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Barret Rd. (Cox Rd. to Grinn Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Barret Rd. (Grinn Dr. to Station Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Berry Hill (Terraqua to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Brighton Ln. (Southampton Ln. to Southampton Ln.)  COMPLETE
 Brushwood Dr. (Plantation Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Business Center Dr. (Princeton Glendale Rd. to Crescentville Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Candlelight Ter. (Manor to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Cannon Ct. (Planation Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Casey's Crossing (cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Chadwick Ct. (Cinnamon Woods Dr. to Route End)  COMPLETE
 Chessie Dr. (Casey's Crossing to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Cinnamon Woods Dr. (Heron Dr. to Zaring Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Clearbrook Dr. (Address 8181 to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Commerical Dr. (cul-de-sac to Corp Line)  COMPLETE
 Crestmont Dr.  COMPLETE
 Duff Dr. (New Pavement to Princeton Glendale Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Elkwood Dr. (Barrett Road to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Foxhill (Ashley Oaks to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Glades Dr. (Route End to Muhlhauser Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Grinn Dr. (Barrett Rd. to Lakepark Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Hance Ln. (Saxton Dr. to Edgeridge Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Harwood Ct. (cul-de-sac to Commercial Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Heron Dr. (Cinnamon Woods Dr. to Tarragon Ct.)  COMPLETE 
 Hollyhock Ct. (Whitehall Cir. E to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Inverary Ct. (Sunderland Way to cul-de-sac)  Oct. 11
 Ivory Hills Dr. (Cascade Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Jacquemin Dr. (Union Centre Blvd. to cul-de-sac)  Rescheduled for 2018
 Jeff Ct. (Sonya Ln. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Jims Ct. (Brushwood Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 John Cox Rd. (US 42 to West Chester Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Keehner Park (Parking Lot at 7211 Barrett)  COMPLETE
 Lakota Springs Dr. (Tylersville Rd. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Lawrence Dr. (Shirley Dr. to Summerhill Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Lindfield Dr. (Beckett Ridge Blvd. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 McCarthy Ct. (cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Murtaugh Ln. (Zaring Dr. to New Pavement)  COMPLETE
 Revere Ct. (Revere Run to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Rite Track Way (Union Centre Blvd. to Route End)  COMPLETE
 Saxton Dr. (Address 8996 to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Southampton Ln. (Brighton Ln. to Guildford Dr.)  COMPLETE
 St. Matthew Dr. (Cascade Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Stoneyford Ct. (Glenn Moore to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tawna Dr. (Meadow View Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tessa Ct. (Twin Valley Ct. to cul-de-sac)  Oct. 11
 Thunderbird Ln. (New Pavement to Corp Line)  COMPLETE
 Todd Creek Cir. (Squirrel Hollow Ridge to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tollbridge Ct. (Crossbridge Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 West Chester Rd. (Rt. 42 to Revere Run)  COMPLETE
 Whispering Way (Meadow Hills Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Zebra Ct. (Squirrel Hollow Ridge to cul-de-sac)   COMPLETE


Roads - Black Mat Slurry

West Chester Township has contracted with America Pavement to complete the 2017 Blackmat slurry program. Slurry is used to maintain roads in good condition and extend pavement life. It is not a replacement to asphalt pavement. Approximately $265,000 will be spent to slurry a little more than five miles of roadway.

The contractor will post "No Parking" signs along the curb and place "door hanger" notifications the evening before scheduled work. Cars must be removed from the street and residents should move vehicles needed on the day of scheduled work to a neighboring street. No cars, with the exception of emergency response vehicles, will be permitted to drive on the road the day slurry is applied. Contractors will remove barricades when the road is re-opened to traffic.

Scheduled work will also be announced when available through West Chester Township's account and on this website. Work schedules, however, can be affected by weather condition, equipment failure and other issues beyond the control of West Chester Township and the contractor. West Chester does its best to limit inconvenience to residents. If you have concerns regarding the schedule, please call 777-8765.

Slurry will leave a gravel-like residue. Several weeks after the material has cured, the Township street sweeper will be through to clear this debris. Residents are free to use a broom to clear the material prior to the sweeper.

 Road Date
 Amberwood Ct. (Windwood Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Birchwood Dr. (Fruitwood Ave to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Christine Ave. (Iris Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Cindy Dr. (Pam Ct. to cul-de-sac)   COMPLETE
 Cliffwood Ct. (Amberwood Ct. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Cloverhill Ct. (Ridgecrest Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Cypresstree Cir. (Talltree Way to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Doerfler Ct. (Tyler's Hill Ct. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Fire Place (Butterfly Way to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Forest View Ct. (Forest View Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Fruitwood Ave. (Elkwood Dr. to Barrett Rd.)  COMPLETE
 Glen Trace (Dunmore to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Ironwood Way (cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Kate's Way (cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Lyonhil Dr. (Kate's Way to Cherry Lane Farm Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Marie Ct. (Dimmick Rd. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Noel Ct. (Whitehall Cir. E to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Paige Ct. (Glen Trace Ln. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Pheasant Hill D. (Tylersville Rd. to Waterpark Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Pilgrim Ct. (North Pisgah Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Pinetree Cir. (Talltree Way to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Ridgecrest Dr. (Delview Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Senour Dr. (Whitehall Cir. E to Tangelwood Ln.)  COMPLETE
 Spinning Wheel Ct. (Pheasant Hill Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Sussex Dr. (Susan Springs Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tangelwood Ln. (Senour Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Terraqua Dr. (Lupine to Route End)  COMPLETE
 Tuliptree Cir. (Talltree Way to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tyler's Hill Ct. (Tyler's Terrace Dr. to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE
 Tyler's Knoll (Tyler's Hill Ct. to Tyler's Valley Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Whitehall Cir. E (Hollyhock Ct. to Farmgate Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Wintergreen (Julie's Cove to Susan Springs Dr.)  COMPLETE
 Wintergreen (Leemel to Susan Springs)  COMPLETE
 Wise Ct. (Wise Ave to cul-de-sac)  COMPLETE


Curb Replacement & Repair

Repair and replacement of curbs generally coincides with new pavement and slurry seal coat applications. Curb work will take place before the road is addressed, and affected residents will receive notifications in the U.S. Mail.